Now Available! 74th Annual General Service Conference Final Agenda Items

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Digital Copies Of The 73rd Annual General Service Conference Available In English & Spanish

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Printed Final Reports From 73rd General Service Conference Now Available!

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73rd Annual General Service Conference Results Now Available!

Who:          73rd Annual General Service Conference

What:         Results available for download and review:

      • Delegate Report Back
      • Advisory Actions Quick Reference
      • Advisory Actions
      • Committee Considerations
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Pre-Conference Virtual Roundtables Schedule Now Available

The purpose of our Area 61 Pre-Conference Roundtables, Questionnaire and Assembly is to discuss many of the agenda items that will be a part of the upcoming General Service Conference. Agenda items are matters of importance to the Fellowship as a whole. Our discussions will form group conscience on the agenda items. Each group is strongly encouraged to participate in the important and far-reaching business of AA, by having a voice and a vote at the Roundtables and Pre-Conference Area Assembly. The Agenda items are posted HERE

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Voted On The General Service Conference (2023) Agenda Items Yet????

To participate in the Area 61 Panel 73 (2023) Questionnaire

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Let Your Voice Be Heard! 73rd GSC Agenda Items

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Now Available! 73rd Annual GSC Agenda Items

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All Members! 73rd General Service Conference Preparation Timeline

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