The local bus carries a sober based ad, your car radio has a Public Service Announcement on A.A., your high school class gets a presentation on the disease of alcoholism, a reporter has a good handle on a piece about sobriety – this is the CPC / PI committee in action.  Whether it is the printed word, public media or a community presentation, this committee’s members are there.  The committee meets with professional groups or organizations who come into contact with alcoholics – clergy, social workers, medical personnel etc. so they can understand AA and how effective it is as program of recovery.

The date and location of this committee’s monthly meeting can be found at the top of this page.  CPC / PI is actually two committees but they are currently merged to sharpen their public focus.

How to become a member of either the CPC or the PI Committee: Contacting the Chair usually gets the ball rolling but appearing at the next committee meeting (above) provides an excellent opportunity to refine your interest