Local Links

Area 61 Assembly Minutes – Minutes from the Area 61 Assembly meetings

Area 61 Assembly Agendas – Agendas from the Area 61 Assembly meetings

Area 61 Assembly Actions – Actions from the Area 61 Assembly

Area Committee Minutes – Minutes from the Area Committee of Area 61

Area Committee Agendas – Agendas from the Area Committee of Area 61

New Group Form – Official form to establish a new group in AA

Group Information Change Form – Official form to change information for a group in AA

RI Central Service Office –  Provides help and information for anyone seeking help with a drinking problem or needing general knowledge about AA-both during normal office hours or via 24/7 Answering service.

RI Intergroup Office – Southern R.I. Intergroup provides services predominantly to the population and AA Groups in Kent and Washington Counties.  We will, of course, try to serve anyone who calls our phone number and needs help.  We are managed and supported by our member groups and carry out their combined group conscience.   We are staffed entirely by volunteers from our member groups.

National Links

AA General Service Office – The GSO Website contains all of the archived material for Alcoholics Anonymous. Including literature, videos, daily reflections, registration for the International Convention, online bookstore, and other useful information. If you want to know everything there is to know about AA this a great place to start.

The AA Grapevine – AAGrapevine.org is the the online multimedia magazine journal of Alcoholics Anonymous, with free and subscriber areas, and offers the individual voices and stories of AA members, both current and through the years, since 1944. Read, post, search and share stories of experience, strength and hope. The AA Grapevine store offers books, CDs, magazines and more. Find information about the history of AA and Grapevine Representative resources.

Information for AA Members – This section provides general information to A.A. members, groups and committees about services provided by the General Service Office. If the information you are searching for does not appear in this section, please keep in mind that local A.A. Central Offices, Intergroups, and your General Service Area Committees are often a helpful resource for information.

General Service Office National Calendar – This calendar is provided as a resource for those who are scheduling local events, and would like to avoid conflicts with General Service Board, A.A.W.S. or A.A. Grapevine dates. Local A.A. events of two or more days can be found in the Box 4-5-9 newsletter Bulletin Board. To submit A.A. event information, click HERE