• Our General Service Area (Area 61) in RI connects us with A.A. throughout the rest of the United States and Canada, as well as connecting us with the General Service Office in New York. Through this connection, A.A. in Rhode Island is able to participate in the decision-making and development of policies of AA through the General Service Conference in New York each Spring. This connection is also filled with a wealth of Service Opportunities in A.A. Take a look at the links below and you might discover Service Opportunities beyond the Group level that you were not aware of. Hopefully, you’ll find many ways to give back for the gift of sobriety which was so freely given to you.

If you are new to service it is advisable to seek out a ‘service sponsor’. This person could be your AA sponsor but, generally, a ‘service sponsor’ can be defined as ‘an alcoholic who has made some progress in the recovery program  and has done service work outside the group level and shares that experience on a continuous, individual basis with another alcoholic who is attempting to attain or maintain sobriety in conjunction with service work through AA’.

Archives Committee

  • Collect, catalog, and help preserve AA’s history in RI
  • Help plan, coordinate, conduct and record Long Timer meetings
  • Display Archives at Area events

Open Positions

Archives Alternate Chair

Convention Committee

  • Help plan, coordinate and produce the best State Convention in the world every March in Newport
  • Many positions available on this fun Committee

Open Positions

Elections for all Convention Committee positions occurs during the May 2021 Committee meeting.

Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information (CPC/PI) Committee

  • Speak about AA with professionals who come into contact with alcoholics in their daily working lives (doctors, teachers, clergy, counselors etc.)
  • Speak at schools, colleges, health fairs etc.
  • Coordinate radio or TV Public Service Announcements, bus ads, etc.

Corrections Committee

  • Help bring a meeting into the ACI or Wyatt Correctional Facility in Central Falls
  • Help develop and maintain a Corrections meeting list
  • Help get interested people in gaining clearance into these facilities
  • Take an inmate to a meeting upon release through the Bridging the Gap Corrections Program

Grapevine Committee

  • Help raise awareness of the Grapevine/La Vina, our meeting in print as a tool of recovery.

Open Positions

Grapevine Alternate Chair
Grapevine Representatives (GVR) and La Vina Representatives (RLV)
Grapevine or La Vina Coordinators for Districts 2/4, 5, 7, and 8


  • Perhaps the most important role in AA. It is through the GSR that each group has a voice and a vote in matters affecting AA as a whole. This connection helps keep AA groups informed, but also keeps them unified both in a practical sense and spiritually. If your group doesn’t have a GSR, consider bringing it up at your next business meeting.
  • Each Area in AA is divided into Districts. All of the GSRs in a District meet at a monthly meeting organized by a District Committee Member (DCM).

Open Positions

District 1

  • Archives Committee Representative
  • Convention Committee Representative
  • Information Services Committee Representative
  • Treatment and Accessibilities Representative

District 2 & 4

  • Combined Alternate DCM
  • Archives Committee Representative
  • Grapevine Committee Representative
  • Corrections Committee Representative
  • Treatment Committee Representative
  • Convention Committee Representative
  • Information Services Committee Representative
  • RISCYPAA Committee Representative

District 3

  • Archives Committee District Representative
  • Cooperation with the Professional Community/Public Information(CPC/PI) Committee District Representative
  • Information Services Committee District Representative

District 6 Alternate DCM

District 7

District 8 Alternate DCM

Treatment and Accessibilities

  • Help bring a meeting or literature into a Treatment Center, detox, Hospital or rehab
  • Help improve the accuracy of wheelchair-accessible designations in meeting lists
  • Bring someone getting out of treatment to a meeting through the Treatment/Accessibilities Bridging the Gap program

Information Services Committee

  • Always looking for people experienced with WordPress
  • Help with copywriting and content management
  • Help with event updates
  • Help with web and graphic design