The Rhode Island Area Assembly has established a Budget and Finance Committee. The purpose of this Committee shall be to establish and maintain a sound fiscal policy for Rhode Island Area 61, keeping in mind our tradition of self-support. This Committee serves under the RI Area Committee and reports its recommendations to this Committee through the Area Treasurer.

The membership of the Budget and Finance Committee shall include the Area Treasurer as Chairperson, plus 3 (three) A. A. members of good standing who do not serve on the Area Committee and who are appointed by the Delegate, Alternate Delegate, the Treasurer and the Area Chairperson. In order to provide continuity within the Committee, these three members shall be selected in December of the alternate year from the election of Area Officers (the odd year). They shall serve for a term of two years starting in January. The Delegate, Alternate Delegate and Area Chairperson serve as ex officio members of the committee.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall meet monthly. Any A. A. member may attend this meeting as an observer. The Committee shall review the previous month’s receipts to determine their sufficiency in supporting the Area Assembly’s activities. They shall review the previous month’s expenditures to determine if they are within the approved budget and appropriate for the conduct of the Area’s purpose of carrying the message to the alcoholic. They shall review the Area bank statements to insure their correspondence with the reported receipts and expenses. They shall report any problems or discrepancies to the Area Committee.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall insure that the Treasurer maintains a prudent reserve for the Area Finances. This is established as the amount necessary to pay three months’ rent for the Area Office, utilities and three months Area operating and service expenses.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall review any budget or financial policy changes suggested as needed by the Treasurer and recommend action on these changes to the RI Area Committee.

The Budget and Finance Committee shall cause a ready supply of contribution envelopes and other related financial material to be printed and/or distributed from the Area to the Districts and Groups.