Our group contributions are the lifeblood of AA. Of course, each group must first be responsible to its members by collecting enough money to cover group expenses, such as rent, coffee, literature, and a prudent reserve.

The second responsibility of each group is to contribute anything above their prudent reserve to other levels of service in AA. Without this continuing 12th Step support, our service offices would close and the alcoholic seeking help would have nowhere to turn.


~~~Carrying the message of recovery to those in prison by maintaining a Corrections meeting list, arranging for clearance of individuals to bring meetings into correctional facilities, and bringing literature to prisons (Wyatt and the ACI) through the Corrections Committee

~~~Carrying the message of recovery to those in treatment centers by maintaining an institution meeting list, bringing meetings and literature to treatment centers all over the State, and arranging to help those leaving institutions through the Bridging the Gap Program, which provides a local AA point of contact for those leaving treatment facilities.  This is provided by the Treatment and Accessibilities Committee, which also provides support to those who are visually impaired (through braille Big Books) physically impaired, or homebound.

~~~Carrying the message of what AA is and what AA isn’t, to professionals who encounter us in their daily work. When invited, (by clergy, social workers, medical personnel, teachers, etc.) this committee speaks at schools, colleges, or to any other group about our experiences with alcoholism. Whether it’s the printed word (an ad in the paper or an article concerning sobriety), public media (a Public Service Announcement on TV or the radio, or an ad on a bus), or a community presentation, the Cooperation with the Professional Community / Public Information (CPC/PI) Committee is there with the help of your contributions.

~~~Preserving RI’s rich AA history, group records, and conducting events such as Long-Timer meetings (which are taped), which will continue to tell the story of our Fellowship to those who come after us, through our Archives Committee. Our Area Office (located at 3649 Post Rd in Warwick) is a treasure trove of local AA history.

~~~Getting the word out about The AA Grapevine Magazine/La Vina, our beloved monthly meeting in print. It is a valuable tool of recovery to AA groups and individuals. The Grapevine Committee also operates a Pass the Book Program whereby groups provide Grapevine subscriptions to each middle school and high school library in the state.

As you can see, Area 61 relies heavily on your contributions to provide these and many other essential services. Perhaps your group hasn’t contributed to Area 61 because you didn’t realize the vital services it provides. By sending a Group Contribution to Area 61, PO Box 9342, Providence, RI, 02940, you will help ensure that all of these committees will be able to continue their very important and very spiritual work.

Or, if you’re an individual who wants to help by check, see the address above.  You can also set up a recurring (monthly) contribution ($1, $2, $3, $4, $5 etc. – or whatever amount you feel comfortable with) by following this link:

Make a One-time Contribution

Make a Recurring Contribution

Important Tax Information Regarding Contributions

  1. If your goal is a legitimate tax deduction, then you must be giving to a qualified organization. Also, you cannot deduct contributions made to specific individuals, political organizations and candidates. See IRS Publication 526, Charitable Contributions, for rules on what constitutes a qualified organization.
  2. To deduct a charitable contribution, you must file Form 1040 and itemize deductions on Schedule A.
  3. Regardless of the amount, to deduct a contribution of cash, check, or other monetary gift, you must maintain a bank record, payroll deduction records or a written communication from the organization containing the name of the organization, the date of the contribution and amount of the contribution. For text message donations, a telephone bill will meet the record-keeping requirement if it shows the name of the receiving organization, the date of the contribution, and the amount given.
  4. To claim a deduction for contributions of cash or property equaling $250 or more you must have a bank record, payroll deduction records or a written acknowledgment from the qualified organization showing the amount of the cash and a description of any property contributed, and whether the organization provided any goods or services in exchange for the gift. One document may satisfy both the written communication requirement for monetary gifts and the written acknowledgement requirement for all contributions of $250 or more. If your total deduction for all noncash contributions for the year is over $500, you must complete and attach IRS Form 8283, Noncash Charitable Contributions, to your return.

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