Area 61’s Grapevine Committee performs 12th-step work by sharing stories submitted by sober alcoholics that are compiled in Grapevine and LaVina magazines, books, and related materials.

The first issue of Grapevine was published in 1944.  In 1986, the General Service Conference formally recognized Grapevine as the international journal of Alcoholics Anonymous.  Grapevine has since spun off the Spanish language magazine La Viña, as well as books, audiobooks, a podcast and an app.  More Grapevine history is available here.

Our Area’s Grapevine Committee meets monthly to discuss current international and local Grapevine initiatives.  Group Grapevine Representatives in turn, announce these initiatives in meetings, and report back to their groups.  The Grapevine Committee is always seeking members to help with this important 12th-step work.

Additional resources are available on the AA Grapevine website.