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The Grapevine committee spreads the A.A. message via the “Grapevine” our “Meeting in Print”.  This monthly magazine celebrated 50 years of spreading the message of recovery in 1994. Grapevine representatives help to ensure the continuation of this helpful magazine. Additionally, this committee ensures the magazine is provided free to schools and libraries through the Pass the Book program. Check out this program and how it can be continued with your group. Click HERE for the form you need to enroll your group in this program. As a separate edition la Viña is published in Spanish. This publication generally has its own material and is not a translation of English material. The date and location of this committee’s monthly meeting can be found at the top of this page. How do you become a member of the Grapevine Committee? Contacting the Chair or the Alternate Chair usually gets the ball rolling but appearing at the next committee meeting (above) provides an excellent opportunity to refine your interest.

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