Please come give your group’s conscience

Schedule change for the roundtables.  We are now hosting them 4/1, 4/2 & 4/4, all at 7: 00 PM
Zoom Meeting ID: 912-640-0169

*Background materials for each Agenda item is available. To receive an access link to the background material email

Here are the Roundtable Agendas:


  • International Conference:
    • Discuss updated report on methods of closing the Big Meetings at the International Convention.
  • Policy & Admissions:
    • Review report of the GSB Ad-Hoc Committee on Participation of Online Groups in the U.S./Canada Service Structure.
  • Public Information:
    • PSAs – Report on the Relevance and Usefulness of Audio/Video Public Service Announcements
  • Corrections
    • Consider updated Singleness of Purpose text to replace the existing paragraph in the pamphlet “A Message to Corrections Professionals.”
  • Report & Charter:
    • Discuss the reporting of Simple Majority Items.


  • Grapevine/La Vina:
    • Explore the services provided by AA Grapevine and how they should be funded.
  • Public Information:
    • Consider revised proposal to develop an AAWS Instagram account
  • Literature
    • Review progress report on video adaption of the pamphlet ”Too Young?”
  • Public Information:
    • PSAs – Progress report on feasibility of placing PSAs on Streaming Media
  • Grapevine/La Vina:
    • Consider a request to develop a pamphlet on the Asian and Asian-American alcoholics in A.A. (EDW)
  • Public Information:
    • Review report on AAWS YouTube channel


  • CPC
    • Consider a request to develop a pamphlet on the unhoused alcoholic in A.A. (EDW)
  • Public Information
    • Review report on the GSO Podcast
    • PSAs – Review progress report on the Mesmerize Point PSA distribution channel
  • Literature
    • Review progress report on the development of the Fifth Edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous.
    • Consider a request that the words “Donation” and “Contribution” be swapped under Warranty One in “The Twelve Concepts Illustrated” pamphlet.
  • Policy & Admissions:
    • Discuss revising procedures for electing the Delegate chairperson, Conference Committee chairpersons and their alternates.

Don’t forget about the Area Assembly, where we’ll here report backs from all of the Roundtables and discuss two additional items:

  • Consider a request to develop a pamphlet on the transgender alcoholic in A.A. (facilitated by Sue W., past delegate, Area 30)
  • Review progress report reflecting shared experience from the Fellowship on
    possible future changes to literature written by A.A.’s founders. (facilitated by Francis G., past Northeast Regional Trustee)
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