All Groups! Posting of In Person Meetings Update!

On January 30, 2021 the Rhode Island Area Assembly approved a motion to display in person meetings on the Area website, Tradition Four states that “Each group should be autonomous except in matters affecting other groups or AA as a whole”. To honor Tradition Four the most recent Executive Order  from the Governor is available here and the most recent Guidance from the Rhode Island Department of Health is located here.

To list an in person meeting each group is requested to submit the form on the COVID-19 Hub describing the meeting and the group.

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Virtual International Convention Update

Alcoholics Anonymous Celebrates 85 Years with the 2020 A.A. Online International Convention

A Unique Virtual Experience, Coming Soon on

June 25, 2020

In a year of firsts for Alcoholics Anonymous, another first is on its way: a virtual International Convention experience, arriving online July 1 at
2020 International Convention - A Virtual Experience - Love and Tolerance Is Our Code -“When the global pandemic forced us to cancel our International Convention, the first of which was held in 1950, it became clear that we needed to find a way to celebrate A.A.’s birthday and to honor and acknowledge members in Detroit who labored so hard to prepare for the Convention,” says Julio E., staff member on the International Convention assignment at A.A.’s General Service Office  (G.S.O.) in New York City.
The result is the 2020 A.A. Online International Convention, which A.A. members around the world will be able to visit for the entire month of July at Clicking on the link will take them to a virtual platform that includes a video welcome from the chair of A.A.’s General Service Board of Trustees; moving stories of individual A.A. members sharing their experience, strength and hope; a “Carry the Message Pavilion” focused on how A.A. members extend the hand of A.A. around the world; a presentation of the 40 millionth copy of A.A.’s basic text, Alcoholics Anonymous, to Dr. George Koob, director of the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA); a nod to the classic convention Flag Ceremony from countries where A.A. has taken root; a look forward to the Vancouver International Convention in 2025; and much more.
“Though the ‘in-person’ experience cannot take place for this Convention,” says Racy J., staff member on G.S.O.’s Public Information desk, “this virtual platform will allow us to celebrate A.A.’s message of hope and recovery with potentially millions of alcoholics from whom we are physically distanced, but can at least be digitally connected.”
A.A.’s cofounder, Bill W., might never have imagined this particular mode of connection when he made that first nickel phone call in Akron, Ohio, in 1935 that ultimately put him in touch with Dr. Bob S., A.A.’s other cofounder, and set off a chain reaction of events leading to the formation of a worldwide Fellowship that has saved countless lives. With Bill’s determination to spread the word of A.A. wherever alcoholics could be found, we can only imagine the admiration he may have had in our ability today to present the virtual reality of an online Convention.
What Is A.A.?
Alcoholics Anonymous is an international fellowship whose members share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. Membership is open to anyone who wants to do something about their drinking problem. For more information, contact the Public Information desk at the General Service Office at or (212) 870-3119.

To All Groups and Individual Members! Help Us Help You Stay Informed Regarding Reopening Meetings!

As Meetings reopen all members and groups are asked to keep the website informed regarding any and all changes to meetings. To assist in that process we have established the position of Meeting Coordinator for the website. Ken D is the Meeting Coordinator for and he may be reached directly at

The types of information for face to face or hybrid meetings we request are: any special instructions to enter the meeting, limits on numbers of attendees, special requirements of the group, specific items individuals are allowed to bring to the meeting, special instructions on exiting the meeting and rules on social gathering after the meeting. All special requirements will be noted and available in the Meeting Guide.
We also need to know if the meeting is a hybrid(face to face and Zoom), a pure virtual meeting, a telephone meeting, pure face to face meeting or any other type not mentioned here. As always we need the current ID and Password for Zoom meetings, the current physical address for face to face meetings and whether the meeting is indoors or outdoors.
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Southern Rhode Island Intergroup Update!

Southern Rhode Island Intergroup is providing 24/7 coverage of our phone number (401) 739-8777 during the office shutdown.

 A real live person answers every call. If the line goes to voicemail, rest assured that the phone volunteer will return your call shortly. (He or she is probably talking to someone else.)

The phone volunteer:

  • Answers questions about Alcoholics Anonymous
  • Provides names and contact information for all online meetings in Rhode Island (either via Zoom or conference calls)
  • Is happy to speak to you about your problems with alcohol
  • Arranges for an AA volunteer to call you if you need a 12-step call
  • Arranges for a trustee to contact you if you need to purchase literature or medallions from the Intergroup Office (which is currently closed to the public due to COVID 19)

You may contact Intergroup at (4010 739-8777) or

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