As Meetings reopen all members and groups are asked to keep the website informed regarding any and all changes to meetings. To assist in that process we have established the position of Meeting Coordinator for the website. Ken D is the Meeting Coordinator for and he may be reached directly at

The types of information for face to face or hybrid meetings we request are: any special instructions to enter the meeting, limits on numbers of attendees, special requirements of the group, specific items individuals are allowed to bring to the meeting, special instructions on exiting the meeting and rules on social gathering after the meeting. All special requirements will be noted and available in the Meeting Guide.
We also need to know if the meeting is a hybrid(face to face and Zoom), a pure virtual meeting, a telephone meeting, pure face to face meeting or any other type not mentioned here. As always we need the current ID and Password for Zoom meetings, the current physical address for face to face meetings and whether the meeting is indoors or outdoors.