With meetings closing daily, digital and phone meetings have sprung up. While these are a good substitute for the time being, one thing they lack is the 7th Tradition. Area 61 depends on your contributions to pay our bills and to reach out to the sick and suffering alcoholic through our great committees (Information Services, Corrections, Treatment and Accessibility, CPC/PI, Archives and Grapevine).
Please help with a one time or recurring contribution. Recurring contributions in honor of the 7th Tradition can start at $7 per month or whatever amount you can afford.

Make a one time or a recurring Contribution

Group contributions can now also be made online. If your original group had not yet dispersed funds prior to the COVID-19 crisis you may do so  through the link below. If you have started a new 0nline/telephone meeting group and desire to observe the 7th Tradition please do so.

Make a Group Contribution

Our work of bringing the message to those still sick and suffering continues and needs your support now more than ever!