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Reminder! All Groups! Help Preserve Our History!

Don B., Area 61 Archivist, needs your help! What happened to your group in the pandemic? Please review the requested information, download the group history form and submit your group’s information to be included in the Area 61 Archives!

Download Covid Group History Form
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Longtimers Panel — May 2021


Longtimers Panel — November 2020


Help us update Meeting Information! and Meeting Guide app are now able to filter different types of meetings (ex: In-Person, Hybrid, Online, etc.) and with all the new changes in CDC guidelines, we are ready to get back to work! Now, we just need help from the groups!

Please update your groups information by filling out the form on the Covid-19 Hub page

Covid-19 Hub

Share the Information with these Flyers!


Let’s All Go To NERAASA! Area Assembly Will Pay Your Registration Fee!

View Meeting Schedule of Area 61 Districts & Committees Here
Download NERAASA Free Registration Flyer

RISCYPAA October Business Meeting

Who:       RISCYPAA

What:     October Business Meeting

When:    Sunday, October 4th, 2PM

Where:  Zoom Meeting ID 842 3177 9386

download riscypaa flyer

District 7 Joy of Service

Who:       District 7

What:     Joy of Service

When:    Tuesday, September 29, 7PM

Where:  Zoom Meeting ID 449 906 386 Password 176334

Dial In: 1 929 205 6099

Download Flyer Here

Update Meeting Information

Online Meeting Update Form

Please fill out the form below to update your meeting’s Zoom information for the website and meeting guide app. Thank you!

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    Digital Basket

    7th Tradition

    “Every A.A. group ought to be fully self-supporting, declining outside contributions.” 

    Though we are seeing the beginning of moving back towards in-person meetings, there are still many groups that remain virtual and even though the immediate need for virtual meetings is relatively inexpensive, the real expenses of our fellowship continues in addition to the virtual ones. Please consider continuing to practice our 7th Tradition and make contributions.

    Things to consider:

    • Digital payment options – VenmoPayPal, Cash AppGoogle PayStripe, and Apple Pay are all viable options.
    • Anonymity – Some of the payment options default to a public viewing of payment (like Venmo) but these can be set to private so that no one but the sender and receiver will see the payment.
    • Take a group conscience – A group conscience is recommended as each member who wishes to contribute will need to open an account with the chosen service. Many members may already have a service they use and prefer.
    • Consider the costs and benefits of each platform – each service has varying fees for money transfers depending on the users’ chosen method of payment (debit, credit, checking account, etc.). Some may have a more user-friendly interface than others.
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