Corrections Meeting Times

Corrections Meeting Times2018-09-28T14:45:33+00:00
Times for meetings inside Corrections Facilities
ACI Men’s Unit – Minimum Security
Mondays 7:30PM
Fridays 7:00PM
ACI Men’s Unit – Medium Security
Mondays 6:30PM
Wednesdays 7:00PM
Thursdays 7:00PM
ACI Men’s Unit – Maximum Security
Thursdays 6:00PM
ACI Men’s Intake Service Center
Thursdays 6:30PM
Women’s Unit – Gloria McDonald Building
Thursday 6:30PM
Friday 6:00PM
Saturday Morning 9:00AM

The Area 61 Assembly is being held on January 19, 2019

The Area 61 Assembly will be held on January 19, 2019. All are welcome. Highlights include a presentation by Greg T., General Manager GSO, Committee and District Reports and the 4th Annual Great Chili Cook-Off.