A.A. in Rhode Island has an opportunity to take A.A. meetings into the Wyatt Correctional Facility via Zoom and the Corrections Committee is looking for both male and female volunteers.  This is a chance to get A.A. back into at least one of our two prisons for the first time in two years!  The Corrections Committee has been told that there are quite a few detainees at Wyatt who are anxious to again have a connection to the world of A.A. on the “outside” as part of their desire to strengthen their program of recovery and their spiritual growth.
In order to volunteer one needs to fill out an application for a background check.  To participate in this very important Twelfth Step work, please download and fill out the application below.  Upon completing the form please email it to correctionschair@aainri.com. Committments can take place as soon as we have application approvals.   Times available for volunteering will be determined based on the response of volunteers, but as of now the Corrections Committee is looking at opportunities for weeknights between 7:45 and 8:45 and availability of both daytime and evening hours on weekends.
Wyatt Detention Facility Volunteer Application