In building a website as a communications tool for newcomers, members, and interested members of our Rhode Island community, the biggest obstacle to overcome is that of anonymity. How do we, as trusted servants, communicate effectively on this medium while adhering to the strict practice of the Eleventh and Twelfth Traditions?

On the spiritual level, anonymity demands the greatest discipline of which we are capable; on the practical level, anonymity has brought protection for the newcomer, respect and support of the world outside, and security from those of us who would use A.A. for sick and selfish purposes.

First, we must state the facts. Anonymity cannot be guaranteed on the internet. Internet service providers know which pages are visited by whom, and website hosting services track usage as well. The government can subpoena these records at any time. In addition, the possibility of hacking exists. Then too, there is the possibilty that someone might just look over your shoulder while you are viewing this site, or even look at your browser history.

Protecting your anonymity online is important. We do track user data, using it only as trusted servants to provide the best experience possible. The information gathered is used in aggregate. We employ SSL encryption, so that data transferred is as safe as possible from hacking attempts. We use Twitter as a service only to push text message notifications to those who wish to receive them.

Should you have questions or concerns, contact the webmaster.