To better serve the membership we need your help with keeping meeting places, times, days and other specifics accurate and up to date. There are two websites operating in Area 61 and both have the goal stated in Step 12 “to carry this message to alcoholics”. One of the ways both websites carry the message is through the Meeting list. Both aainri and rhodeisland-aa have agreed to appeal to the members for assistance with keeping the Meeting list accurate. Simply put, whenever a change to a published meeting occurs please inform both websites at the same time. When a new meeting starts we request that you inform both sites. If a meeting needs support, inform both sites. Alcoholism does not play favorites and, sometimes, getting to a meeting prevents taking a drink. Please help us “carry this message to alcoholics”!

You can further be of assistance by informing both sites of your celebrations.  If you have an anniversary let both sites know, more people will celebrate with you!